Couple find surprise stowaway in their travel luggage when pet Chihuahua Icky appears

When a Texas couple heading to Las Vegas was told their bag was overweight they were shocked to discover what was causing the extra weight.

Jared and Kristi Owens were checking in for their Southwest flight at Lubbock airport when they discovered a surprise stowaway.

Their pet Chihuahua Icky wasn’t ready to be left behind and had jumped into their travel bag without the couple realizing.

As the couple opened their bag to move things around so their luggage would meet the weight requirements, they couldn’t believe what they found.

“She’s this little old lady that does her own thing so we don’t worry about saying goodbye to her, she doesn’t really come out and say ‘don’t leave me,’ clearly she takes care of that herself,” Kristi said of her pet dog.

According to the couple, the Southwest employee who found Icky offered to watch her so that they could catch their flight.

Luckily, the couple had family nearby who took Icky home.

The couple said from now on they will double-check their luggage or find Icky before leaving town.

Thank goodness their luggage was overweight and was checked before it was loaded onto the plane!

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