Curious crow knocks on window – enters office and turns out to be a master thief

When you work several floors up in a high-rise building, you’re probably not very used to anyone knocking on your windows.

You might therefore understand the reaction of staff members at this particular office then, when they suddenly got an unexpected visit on a cold winter day.

A crow sat down on the windowsill and looked like he was ready to waltz in. The staff decided to open the window and see what he wanted.

But they were not prepared for his reaction!

They thought the crow was hungry and fetched some pieces of cookie.

The crow doesn’t seem afraid at all or the slightest bit bothered, even as one woman stands by the window and reaches her hand out to him. He just calmly sits there, an inch or two away from her.

But the people in the room quickly understood that the crow was not hungry. He didn’t care about the biscuits the woman had laid in front of him. He was interested in something else!

When they opened the window for the second time, the crowd decided to take what he wanted.

He simply walked straight into the room, to the staff’s astonishment.

It didn’t take long before everyone understood what he was after — and no one could keep themselves from laughing.

See for yourself in the video below!

What a little thief!

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