Customs makes gruesome discovery – finds rare birds hidden in water bottles

Ivory, rhinoceros horns, and rare animal species… Every year, traffickers make serious money smuggling rare and endangered animals around the world.

In order to do it, they go to extreme measures to try and evade international law.

In Indonesia, when the customs department inspected one passenger’s luggage, they made a horrifying discovery.

They found a large number of plastic bottles in the luggage—and stuffed in each one was a live bird.

Among the birds were 21 yellow-crested cockatoos. The birds were tightly wrapped, and their beaks were taped shut so they wouldn’t make a sound.

The method of concealment was so inhumane that some of the birds didn’t survive the journey.

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Yellow-crested cockatoos are endangered. Deforestationin in Indonesia has meant that there aren’t many of the birds left. And unfortunately, the birds are popular as pets because they are beautiful and smart.

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On the black market, the birds sell for more than $1,500. The rarer the birds become, the higher the price goes.

This means that as an endangered species dwindles in number, its chance of survival grows exponentially more minute.

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The illegal trade in endangered animals and plants is worth billions of dollars. Common goods such as natural medicines, jewelry, and souvenirs are still sometimes made with endangered animals and plants.

So when you’re abroad on vacation, think of what you bring home with you! You don’t want to support the illegal trade of animals and plants.

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We must put a stop to the illegal trade in animals.

Please share this important message with everyone you know if you also think this is completely unacceptable!

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