Cyclist rescues abandoned kitten from the road – and she can’t stop kissing him

Cyclist Viitor Fonseca was out on his usual training route in São Paulo, Brazil when he saw something on the road ahead of him.

When he got closer, he realized it was a little kitten that had somehow ended up alone on the road.

So Viitor did the only thing he could…

How the kitten ended up on the road in the first place is still unclear.

But cyclist Viitor immediately stopped when he realized that the kitten had been abandoned.

But Viitor had a problem. He was riding his bike and it would be difficult to carry the kitten home.

So he gently tucked the kitten inside his shirt.

It sure seems like the kitten was grateful for being saved! Viitor filmed his ride home with the kitten—and the kitten wouldn’t stop kissing him. Talk about appreciation!

In the first four days after Viitor posted the video on Facebook, it has racked up more than 800,000 views.

Check out the kitten’s sweet kisses here:

How the kitten could have been left alone on the road like that is still a mystery. But thankfully, the story ended happily. Viitor has already found the kitten a new home!

How nice! I’m so glad there are people out there like Viitor who don’t hesitate to help animals in need. Please share this video with someone you know would appreciate a llittle sunshine in their life today.

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