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Dad Lets Family’s Dogs Meet Newborn Baby Girl. Their Reaction? This Made My Day.

Some are reluctant to allow larger dogs near small babies for fear of their safety. Here are two parents with two boxers who apparently have no fear at all – and for good reason. Their boxers are as gentle and curious as can be. When the parents come home from the hospital, they readily allow their pets to welcome their little bundle of joy home, too. Just take a look at how adorably curious and gentle these dogs are!

Let’s just say this newborn baby girl just made her very first new best friends very, very fast.

Boxers are known to make great family pets – they love gathering with everyone and are very sociable. This family acquired their two beautiful boxers from an animal rescue organization.

Both are just so kind, gentle and very curious! When dad comes home with a very new surprise, they start wagging their tails like there’s no tomorrow. They approach and start sniffing at the peacefully sleeping baby.



Sadly, the family later reported losing one of the two boxers, Ella, to cancer, just three months after the filming of this clip.

I think it’s so nice she at least got to meet Ella before the dog passed away, and hopefully this video will be cherished by the family for years to come.

Take a look at it below:

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