Dad Recreates Living Room At Kennel So The Family Dog Won’t Feel Lonely While They’re On Holiday.

Sometimes, we all have to travel, whether for business or pleasure. But it’s never easy to leave our four-legged friends behind at home. Bulldog Igor hasn’t been away from his family’s side since the day they adopted him. So when his family decides to go on vacation in Thailand, they worry their absence will be extra tough on Igor, who has to stay at a kennel while they’re away. But the kind-hearted dad of the family has a wonderful idea to help Igor thrive in his temporary home—give Igor the feeling of being at home even though he’s actually going to be at a kennel. With the help of the kennel staff, the dad redecorates Igor’s room there to perfectly match the family’s living room, complete with the original furniture and decorations. The result? If everyone showed their animals this kind of love, the world would be a better place!

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