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Dad Rescues Stranded Turtle After His Kids Find It Trapped In A Storm Drain.

Sometimes a lift and a point in the right direction is all it takes to turn a life around… When a dad and his two children were walking around a local turtle pond back in 2015, the kids noticed a turtle stuck down in a storm drain. The fact that they immediately asked their papa to save the turtle shows you how well these children have been raised. And dad’s response—to grab a net from home and save the beautiful creature—shows you what a great dad he is. It’s a joy to see the kindhearted dad lift the turtle to safety as his kids stay a safe distance away from the storm drain. Once the he gets the turtle on dry land, the dad points the turtle in the direction of its pond and the family watches it take the slow walk back to everything it knows. It’s a small moment for the family, for sure, but for the turtle, it means the world. It’s reunited with its friends and loved ones, and it’s given a second chance in life. And if that’s not a successful family outing, I don’t know what is! See the wonderful turtle rescue below:

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