Deaf Girl Adopts Deaf Dog And The Two Form An Unbreakable Bond.

Julia and Walter share a special bond. The girl and her puppy were both born deaf and when each found the other, their lives were transformed—without having to change who they are one bit.

When Walter was just a tiny puppy, his owners realized he was deaf. It was too much for them to handle and they brought him and his litter mates, who are also hearing impaired, to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. Walter was just six weeks old.

Not long after, little Julia and her mom visited the Humane Society, where Julia instantly found a best friend in Walter. Julia’s mom saw the connection instantly and was surprised to see how similar the two are.

“When I first held Julia, since she couldn’t really hear my voice, she would smell my neck — and when I first held Walter, he did almost the same exact thing,” Julia’s mom said. “I remember just looking at him, and I just knew that he was meant to be ours. They’re the same.”

Now, the two do everything together, and Julia has even taught Walter sign language. The smart puppy already understands the commands for “sit,” “water,” and “food.”

But I think the bond between this adorable duo is beyond words. And it’s about something a little bit closer to the heart.

Julia sums it up perfectly in the video below, “I love Walter. Walter is my best friend.”

Scroll down to see the heartwarming clip of the two friends together:

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