They didn’t think Turbo was going to survive – but look what the vet did with a toy helicopter

I’ve read many stories about dogs who were been born with genetic problems and it breaks my heart every time.

It’s sad to see how many of these poor dogs are faced with problems such as being unable to walk properly.

This story about a dog named Turbo Roo really hit me right in the heart.

Turbo Roo was born with a genetic problem resulting with him being born without any front legs.

His condition also meant that he had difficulties receiving milk from his mother because his siblings would steal his spot, as poor Turbo Roo couldn’t move.


Initially, Turbo Roo’s owners were very worried and didn’t know what to do. They thought he wasn’t going to survive and even if he did, he would probably never be able to walk and live a normal life.


So the owners took Turbo Roo to a veterinarian who then put them in touch with a pet clinic in Indianapolis, United States.

The staff at the clinic became so fond of Turbo Roo that they decided to do everything possible to help him have a future.

But since Turbo Roo is a small Chihuahua, there was no wheelchair that would fit him. So the clinic had to invent a wheelchair specially designed for him.

The doctors came up with a plan to build a wheelchair that would fit the exact size of the tiny pooch.

How? By using a toy helicopter.

With the help of the toy, they managed to create a very special wheelchair for little Turbo.


The wheelchair was Turboo Roo’s saving grace — he can now live almost like any other dog.

The puppy has also become famous throughout social media and has captivated thousands of hearts with his adorable character. He even has his own Instagram page with more than 200,000 followers.

Below you can watch a video about Turbo Roo. 

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Thank you to the veterinarians who saved Turbo Roo’s life, they never lost faith in him and did everything possible to help him.

If more people were like these veterinarians, the world would be a better place — for all animals.

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