Dog Is Forced To Become A Mom Despite Being Paralyzed. But When Her Pups Are Born, A Miracle Happens.

This story really goes straight to my heart. A dachshund named Maria was treated so terribly I have no words. But then she fought back—and proved that nothing is impossible. What an amazing dog!

Maria was mistreated her whole life. Her owners didn’t care about her in the slightest and their neglect eventually led to Maria’s hind legs becoming paralyzed.

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Even Maria’s paralysis didn’t faze her owners. Incredibly, they still decided to use her to breed puppies.

So there she was: pregnant, paralyzed, and infested with fleas.

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Since Maria was paralyzed in the lower part of her body, she couldn’t give birth to her puppies naturally. And when Maria’s owners realized their dog would need a $3,000 caesarean section, they simply abandoned her.

But then for the first time in Maria’s life, something wonderful happened. The Texas animal organization Friends Of Emma took in the pregnant dog and decided to help her. They saved Maria’s life.

The first thing the organization did was to take the long-suffering dog to a veterinarian. The vet discovered that she suffered from blood loss after being bitten by so many fleas, and that she had been paralyzed for months—at least.

Maria was also terrified and had lost all trust in humans.

But fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Maria was given a C-section so she could deliver her puppies. She had seven, and they were all healthy.

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The puppies quickly grew up, and one by one, they were adopted by loving homes.

And best of all? With the help and support of her rescuers, Mary slowly but surely learned how to walk again!

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Today, Maria is a happy, healthy, and energetic dog. Sometimes her back legs drag a bit when she’s tired, but Maria’s doing better and better every day.

Check out Maria’s story below and watch her joyfully run with her puppies here:

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