Dog sits at shelter for 2,531 days waiting for human adoption

If you’ve ever had a dog yourself, or indeed if you feel empathy towards our four-legged friends, you’ll hate the idea of one spending any amount of time at a shelter, simply waiting for its forever home.

How about the idea of a dog sitting for 2,531 days?

Yeah, it breaks my heart as well. Unfortunately, it’s the sad situation Dahlia, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix found herself in, having lived virtually her whole life at the Humane Society in Santa Barbara.

She arrived when she was just 6-months-old and remained there until she was 7 …

Of course, sometimes, no matter how hard a shelter tries, certain dogs will be overlooked and simply left where they are. Dahlia certainly fell into that bracket. As the years went by, she watched on as hundreds of other pets were re-homed.

Eventually, the Humane Society decided they’d had enough; they decided to kick things up a notch.

One of the shelter volunteers uploaded an tearjerking video of Daliah, with the caption: “She is a really sweet, smart, loving, loyal big lap dog …Looking for a great single pet home for her. She will make someone really happy!”

Please share Dahlia's video with your friends and family! Lets find this loving girl a #foreverhome. Contact the Santa Barbara Humane Society to meet this loving girl.

Posted by Shelley Greenbaum on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fortunately, a man from Orange County saw Daliah’s ad and drove to the shelter to meet her. He decided to adopt her, and now Daliah has a loving home where she’s happy.

No dog should be left in a shelter for their entire lives, not knowing what it truly means to be part of a family and have a loving home.

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