Dog sleeps on street for 11 years, wakes up after nap and realizes his entire world has changed

Dog sleeps on street for 11 years, wakes up after nap and realizes his entire world has changed

For homeless dogs, finding food is always a struggle.

Many dogs don’t last long without a home, but the dog in this story survived for 11 years on the streets of Los Angeles.

Then one day, he fell asleep on a porch and woke up to find his life had completely changed.

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The woman who owned the porch where the dog slept had noticed him there for a few days. But when she saw he wasn’t going anywhere, she brought him into her house and gave him the name Solovino, or “he came alone” in Spanish.

Then, the woman contacted an organization called Rocket Dog Rescue, which flew the dog up to San Francisco to start him on the path to a better life.

The organization set him up with a foster home, but Solovino wasn’t easy ​​to care for after all those years on the street. He was antisocial and seemed frightened most of the time. So he moved from foster home from foster home for almost a year and a half, writes The Dodo.

It was only after Carol Messina read about Solovino’s tragic life on Facebook that the dog would find his forever home.

Carol adopted the senior dog, and unlike the other families who cared for him before, she uncovered the reason why the dog was so was skittish and antisocial.

Carol Messina
Facebook/Carol Messina

Carol realized that the dog, whom Carol renamed Solo, had several health problems that no one had fully noticed before. Solo was almost completely deaf, which meant when he would be startled anytime someone tried to pet him from behind. And he also had problems with his teeth that left him exhausted and in constant pain.

So instead of spending money on an operation that she herself needed, Carol used her savings to fix Solo’s teeth.

Then, she bought Solo a vest that said “deaf dog” on it so people wouldn’t approach him from behind and try and pet him.

She also started flicking the lights on and off every time she entered a room where Solo was so he would know she was there.

And Solo even got a friend in his apartment: Bailey, a dog whom Solo often visits.

Thanks to Carol, Solo now has the life he has always deserved.

Posted by Carol Messina on lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

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