Dog taken to shelter to be euthanized for “not playing” – then vet takes closer look and sees truth

Sometimes, for one circumstance or another, owners simply can’t continue to take care of their dogs.

And whilst there’s never a ‘good’ reason, some are more acceptable than others. Take, for example, a change of home that means the dog no longer has adequate space, or perhaps the owner is too old, sick or weak to give it the life it deserves.

Sadly, however, there are also those occasions where dogs are abandoned, sold or worse, for reasons that leave any decent human being at a loss. I’ve read about a few in my time, but one particular case has really got my blood boiling. It involves a dog who was brought to a shelter to be euthanized.

The reason? He “wouldn’t play”.

The little dog in question, named Simba, was taken to a shelter to be put down. His owners explained that it was because he “wouldn’t play”.

Obviously not willing to put a dog down without proper assessment, vets examined him to see if they could figure the cause of his lethargy.


On closer inspection, it became apparent that it wasn’t that Simba simply didn’t want to play. He couldn’t. Simba was very sick indeed.

The poor pup tested positive for tick bite fever – a diagnosis that only gave him a 50/50 shot at survival.


Fortunately, his illness was caught before it was too late, and the fine folk over at Vet Point were able to treat him successfully.

Simba was then moved to a foster home where he could heal and regain his strength in a comfortable place. In said home there was a far older dog too, one who took a shine to Simba and looked after him.


Fast forward to present and not only is Simba perfectly fine and healthy, but he’s also been adopted!

That’s right, Simba has found his forever home. Gone are the days when he ‘doesn’t want to play’, now he can’t stop playing in the yard with his new doggy sibling.

Watch the remarkable transformation for yourself in the video below:

What sort of heartless, cruel human being could take an animal to a shelter to be euthanized based purely on the grounds of it not wanting to play?

Thankfully there remain people in the world who don’t take things on face value, and those who are willing to work for the benefit of other souls. Who knows what might have happened without the dedication of the staffers at Vet Point?

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