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Dog walks into family’s new house – now look at her reaction when she sees what’s in the backyard

Dogs are the worst when it comes to hiding their emotions. My dog is like an open book — especially when he gets excited. He just can’t hide it. If you’re a dog owner you know what I’m talking about. 

Something as simple as going out for a walk or getting a treat can get them jumpy and antsy. And it’s absolutely wonderful to watch and make you smile with joy.

Just take adorable pooch Christy. Her owner has just moved into a new home and the dog is quick to discover the surprise in the backyard. She goes absolutley nuts when she sees it — in a good way.

Christy, a West Highland-terrier, happens to be crazy about swimming. Little did she know when her owner Brian Freeman and their family moved into their new home in Florida, USA, that there would a surprise waiting for her in the backyard.

Source: YouTube/Brian Freeman

In a video posted by Brian on his YouTube page, you can clearly see how pleased Christie feels in her new home. She’s standing by the patio door facing the backyard — well aware of what’s there.

She’s looking at a brand new pool of course. The owner just mentions the word pool and the dog loses it. You can see her do a twirl and cry out in joy. She’s just ecstatic. 

Source: YouTube/Brian Freeman

Brian eggs her on a little and asks her if she wants to go swimming. It’s just too cute.

He hardly gets a chance to open the door before she rushes out and just jumps into her new pool.

You have to watch it for yourself — it’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while:

This video made my day — please consider sharing this link with all your friends who love happy dogs as much as we do!

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