Elephant rushes into river to save baby from being swept away and drowned

Elephants are extremely social animals and have strong ties to their herd.

For example, they bathe together in groups and use their trunks to help each other wash.

Older elephants teach the little ones how it all works, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Recently, a baby elephant at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was separated from the rest of his herd while cleaning off in a fast-moving river.

Little Yindee was swept away and in danger of drowning—and the only part of him still above water was the tip of his trunk.

Immediately, an elephant named Ponsawan realized the danger and rushed downstream to save Yindee.

Luckily, Ponsawan, the baby elephant’s “nanny,” managed to get hold of her beloved Yindee and skillfully bring him to safety.

Watch the dramatic rescue below:

Is not it amazing to see how these intelligent and friendly animals help each other in the most vulnerable situations?

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