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Elephant Steps Onto Road And Blocks Traffic. But Now Look To Her Right… I Smiled Ear To Ear!

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on earth – and their brains are not that different from man’s. They feel emotions in similar ways as we do and they are cognitively advanced, where they can think in several stages and often cooperate with each other. This wonderful clip, which has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in just a few weeks, is a prime example. In the clip, we see an elephant mother a bit anxious on a road. She stubbornly imposes herself on the road, blocking heavy incoming traffic who dare not get too close. But while she seems lost or confused – it turns out this is far from the case. The mother elephant, we soon discover, is fully aware of what she’s doing. When the cars are at a safe distance, she seems to signal to her right, in the bushes and trees, as if sending a message that it’s a green light. The surprise that emerges from the forest just took my breath away – and brought an instant smile to my face. Thanks to this brave momma elephant, her family could safely cross over to the other side!

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