Elephant throws herself into the water to save a man she thinks is drowning

When an elephant named Kham Lha saw her favorite person, Darrick, floating away in a fast-moving river, she reacted immediately. She believed Darrick was in danger and rushed into the water to help him.

The incident took place at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for elephants that have previously lived in captivity and have been abused or exposed to violence. The park was founded in the 1990s and has received a number of awards for its work with elephants. And the video clip below is proof of the love that the sanctuary’s staff and volunteers have given the elephants over the years.

Although Kham Lha was mistreated before arriving at the sanctuary, she has taken Darrick into her heart. In the video, she throws herself into the river to save him before he gets swept away. Fortunately, Darrick gets to shore before it’s too late, and Kham Lha stands over him to protect him.

This really proves that if you treat animals with love, you even more love in return.

Elephants are truly amazing creatures who deserve all the respect in the world. It hurts me when I think of all the elephants that have been abused in the circus or in the tourist industry. I hope all elephants that have been abused are given a second chance, like Kham Lha has been. Please share this article if you agree.

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