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Elephants In Chains All Over The World Need You To Share This. I Think You’ll Understand Why.

43-year-old elephant has died in Vietnam. Her name was Na Lieng and she’d been forced to work in the tourist industry her entire life. Tourists rode her every day, and it is believed that she died of sheer exhaustion.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of its kind to occur.

In March a 40-year-old elephant died, also due to over exhaustion after years working in the tourist industry.

In January, an elephant collapsed and died for the same reason. When he was found, he still had chains wrapped around his right leg.

In 2013, two female elephants died of exhaustion and hunger.

The examples above all occurred in Vietnam, but elephants suffer in other countries too. And this absolutely must stop. They work for months on end under menace and the whip until one day, they collapse and die.

Owners make good money off this hideous practice, and thus the cruelty pervades. The elephants work all day long, in order for their owners to collect as much cash as possible.

But there is a simple, easy way to stop this: boycott elephant rides and riding. And tell everyone you know to do the same.

Please consider the harm it causes the animals, who deserve to be in their natural habitat and enjoy their lives, not suffer under the hands of man. Certainly do consider this if on your next holiday you encounter such ‘entertainment’.

I want to share this request so that everyone, everywhere, can help stop this horrific practice and unethical money-making industry. If we help spread awareness, perhaps can this cruelty end for good.

Let’s end elephant riding!


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