Elliot was shot and left to die — 2 days later, town mayor stops and does something wonderful

The mayor of Norwich, Connecticut was out campaigning when he discovered something heartbreaking.

On a voter’s porch lay a cat… who had been shot with an arrow.

The cat was alive, but badly injured.

The arrow cut straight through the cat’s body, but miraculously missed all of his vital organs.

Mayor Peter Nystrom immediately took the cat, named Elliot, to a veterinary hospital, where vets were able to save the animal’s life.

They carefully removed the arrow and put the cat on the road to recovery.

It turned out that the cat had probably been shot with a crossbow at least two days before the mayor found him.

The veterinarians also managed to track down the cat’s owners.

Pet owners know that visits to the vet can be costly. Elliot’s owners couldn’t afford to pay for his surgery, so mayor Peter Nystrom decided to pay for all the cat’s veterinary costs.

Elliot was soon feeling much better and was reunited with his owners.

See Elliot get back on his feet in this local news clip:

We’re thankful that Elliot survived and also happy to know that there are genuine animal lovers out there like Peter Nystrom who don’t hesitate to help. Please share Elliot’s story with your friends on Facebook!

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