Every Morning, She Looks Out For Her Best Friend. Now Watch Who Comes Out Between The Trees. Wow!

If you love fairy tales… you’re simply going to love this. Every morning this woman stands right outside her door and calls “little girl” out right toward the forest. She calls for a short while, but she can always depend on one thing: that her forest friend will come running toward her, momentarily. That’s because they have a strict routine they follow: they eat breakfast together – and sometimes even lunch and dinner. The woman had the entire sequence of events recorded on tape some years ago – a video that has had over 5 million views since it was posted! And it’s no wonder why. I was just amazed with this unusual friendship. And a little jealous too! Who wouldn’t want to bottle feed one of these?  

Animals are truly amazing. Check out the clip below, it’s hard to believe that it’s true!

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