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Everyone thinks he’s crazy for digging up the sidewalk – then they see her eyes and realize he’s a hero

In 2015, a sidewalk collapsed in Voronezh, Russia, creating a large hole. But before it could be repaired, a pregnant stray dog settled into it.

When workers were sent to repair the hole, they either didn’t see the dog or didn’t care—but either way, they ended up burying her alive.

Luckily, though, that’s not the end of this story…

The dog, later named Belka, panicked and tenants from a nearby apartment building heard her yelps coming from within the sidewalk.

They contacted the authorities but nothing happened. So after two days, a man from the apartment building took matters into his own hands and started digging Belka out.

Eventually, he managed to rescue a grateful Belka.

Unfortunately, her puppies didn’t make it, but thanks to this hero, Belka found a foster home and won’t have to live on the street ever again.

Watch a news report on the rescue here:

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