Female elephants in Israel protect their young when they hear air-raid siren

After 11 days of fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant Hamas which has left nearly 240 people dead, a ceasefire has been called.

But amidst the barrage of missiles fired is a safari park helping the animals injured in this deadly conflict.

The Ramat Gan Safari Park in Israel is not only caring for its resident animals but also taking in animals that have been injured across Israel.

The trauma of living in the middle of such violence has taken its toll on one herd of elephants who are captured on camera responding to an air-raid shelter siren going off.

In a video taken by Michal Levi, five females from the zoo’s herd of Asian elephants are seen circling 14-month-old male calf Pele (Hebrew for “Wonder”) to protect him.

The elephants immediately cross their enclosure to stand around Pele.

“This behavior is very moving for us to see, but it is quite typical of elephants,” a safari park spokesperson said, as per ABC12 News. “Elephants are animals that live together in a protective family.”

The Gaza Strip is about 58 miles (93 kilometers) from the Ramat Gan safari park.


This latest violence broke out with clashes at a holy site and Hamas, the militant group which rules Gaza, began firing rockets after warning Israel to withdraw from the site.

The siren went off indicating missiles were being fired and although the elephants were unharmed, a rocket shard that fell on the safari park on May 15 got lodged in the spine of a black macaque.

The monkey had to undergo surgery at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital based at the park and thankfully recovered.


A monk parrot that sustained wing fractures and a few burned feathers in the conflict is also being cared for with pain medication, fluids, a splint and bandage.

Now the parrot, named Rocky by the staff, is expected to make a full recovery, as per Israel 21C.

We never think about the innocent animals which suffer in high conflict areas. I hope these beautiful creatures stay safe.

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