Fisherman thinks his dog drowned during storm -– then police salvage wreck and realize the unthinkable

A type of happiness that is so strong that you just have to jump up and down sure is a beautiful thing. It happens rarely but it does happen!

And I mean literally jump up and down — like this man did — in a state of euphoria.

But that euphoria had come after a day of mourning.

The man who works as a fisherman for a living in Australia, was a part of one of the most emotional reunions I have ever seen — and all animal lovers out there can probably relate after watching this!

I wouldn’t want to have been him that day but the end of this story is simply brilliant.

The fisherman was out on a regular fishing trip on his boat and although experienced in his profession, on this particular day he couldn’t prevent his boat from capsizing.

The storm hit him and he managed to hang on board but his dog Jack fell overboard — and straight into the water.

The fisherman thought he had lost his beloved friend forever.

He stood on the dock and waited for the rescue service to tow in the boat. As they approached the shore, he began to understand what had actually happened.

But when he finally got to see what was in the boat … Well, that just left me speechless.

© Facebook/9 News Perth

Jack had in fact not fallen overboard!

He was alive and had been in the boat the whole time — during the circumstances he seemed to be ok.

Luckily TV channel 9 News Perth wete on site to follow the incident — and what their camera captured is nothing but pure love.

The amazing sequence when the man jumps up and down out of happiness — shows exactly how probably most of us would feel in a situation like that.

Just take a look at the video below and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

This is what pure joy looks like! Any dog owner will imagine what an emotional rollercoaster this man had been through!

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