Fishing Trip Turns In A Rescue When Fishermen Find Stranded Puppy On Riverbank.

It was just another day on the river to a few fishermen, but to one little pup, it was a life-saving event. When a few fishing buddies took their boat out recently, they heard crying and whimpering coming from the thickets along the riverbank. Intrigued, they went in for a closer look. Luckily, one of the guys had a camera with him to capture what happened next.

When one of the fisherman whistles, a helpless black puppy comes out of the bushes. When the dog realizes these men are there to save him, he comes running along the riverbank, wagging his tail the entire way. In fact, he wants to join them so badly, he climbs out onto a fallen tree limb to get as close as possible to the men. When one of the men reaches out to the dog, it meets him halfway. The puppy is clearly ready to be saved, and probably spent days on the riverbank alone.

Luckily, the fisherman found him and brought him to safety. One of the fishermen writes in the comments accompanying the video on YouTube: “The dog found a good home. I took him home, cleaned him up and got some food in his belly. Had some friends looking for a dog that took him in.”

When some viewers suggested Gillian as a name, the uploader replied, “I liked the Gilligan name idea! I suggested River or Bridger based on where we found him.”

Not much else is known about these heroes, but I know one thing: I salute the kindness they showed in rescuing this beautiful pup!

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