For two months, homeless dog was on the run – now watch what girl does

As a foster dog, Daisy lived with many families during a short period of time, but never found the security and love of a forever home.

Everything took a wonderful turn, however, when Susan Hilden discovered the homeless dog wandering in her neighborhood.

Susan eventually found out that Daisy had been on the run for two months and that no one had managed to catch her.

So Susan and her friends tried to lure Daisy towards them – but no one came even close.

That’s when Susan turned to 6-year-old Meghan Topping in a final cry for help.


Meghan and her mother regularly foster homeless dogs and the 6-year-old has a unique ability to communicate with them.

The young girl and her mother went out to look for Daisy, determined to help the dog.


But what unfolded when Meghan sat down in the grass and approached Daisy stunned everyone.

While several adults had spent the last two months trying to gain Daisy’s trust and lure her towards them, Meghan managed to do so on the first shot.

And that encounter would be the beginning of an even larger and wonderful story! Watch the report below: 

How wonderful to see this 6-year-old’s special relationship with animals.

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