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Friendly Manatees Swim Up And Say “Hi” To Two Paddleboarders.

Most of us know it’s never a good idea to approach animals in the wild. But what do you do when a friendly animal approaches you?

Celine Chasteen was paddleboarding with a friend in Jupiter, Florida when two manatees swam right up to them. It might have been scary, but the two “sea cows” were completely gentle and friendly. So instead of panicking, the two paddleboarders couldn’t help but giggle—especially when one of the manatees decided to come in for a closer look.


When the friendly creature rested its flippers on Chasteen’s paddleboard, Celine and her friend couldn’t hold back their delight. And I also had a huge smile on my face watching the moment. The manatee went up to Chasteen the way you might swim up to the side of a pool and rest your elbows on the side while you talk to your friend on a beach chair. It’s completely adorable.

I would have been tempted to give the manatee a high-five. But luckily, the two women had enough sense to just enjoy the moment. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says to look, but don’t touch if you see a manatee. They’re wild animals, after all.

Chasteen called it “the craziest thing ever.” And luckily, her friend caught the whole thing on camera. Watch it below:

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