Garbageman doesn’t know his meeting with dog is being filmed – what the camera captures shows his true self

Every week he shows up on Joshua Byrne’s street.

I’m talking about the waste collector on his weekly garbage round of course, who every time comes around is greeted by Joshua’s beloved dog Shelby.

Joshua couldn’t help but notice how his dear pooch would react every time the garbage man would drive by, so he decided that next time he would catch it on camera.

In the clip further down, you can see how Shelby runs out of pure excitement and joy towards the garbageman. She then gets a big pat on her back.

It’s really a genuine and lovely moment between a dog and a real animal lover! Over 6.5 million people have already watched the clip and I I’m not surprised why it’s so popular.

YouTube/Joshua Byrne


In the clip below you can see how Joshua and the garbageman chat a little with another after he shares the loving moment with Shelby.

It’s really these small yet loving moments like these that sometimes make a difference in life and remind us that there’s goodness out there.

YouTube/Joshua Byrne

This garbageman is a real animal lover. We love this.

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