George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully is ready for his next mission to help other veterans in need

That dogs are man’s best friend is already a well known ‘fact’ — but perhaps this expression best applies to describe our precious service dogs.

The late President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully made international headlines after a photo of the pup mourning his beloved owner was published following the former president’s death in November 2018.

Now the dedicated 2-year-old Labrador is already being prepped for his next important ‘mission’.


Sully was trained to help veterans such as President Bush through their daily tasks and challenges — all the while providing his sweet company and love.

Dogs like Sully also provide much need animal therapy for veterans who might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or mourning the loss of a spouse, such as was the case with the former president.

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Old Soul

Sully tugged at heartstrings worldwide after a photo revealing his sad expression sitting in front of the former President’s casket was published in December 2018.

According to America’s VetDogs, the charity that originally trained Sully, Sully and President Bush were a match made in heaven.

“I think it was Sully’s old soul, so to speak, that really won him over with the president,” CEO of America’s VetDogs John Miller told CBS News.

New Mission

Now, just about two months later, Sully is back in business and ready to assist other veterans. He is scheduled to arrive at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland at the end of February. There, he will do what he does best: provide comfort and care for veterans in need.

“As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we’re comforted to know he’ll bring the same joy to his new home, Walter Reed, that he brought to 41,” former President George W. Bush wrote on Instagram.

Naturally, the dedicated service dog will arrive at the center with his very special and well-deserved presidential-sealed vest.

Watch the report below for more on one of America’s favorite pups.

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