Girl And Pitbull Were Born At The Same Time. Now They’re Best Friends.

Animals really are our true friends. And it’s amazing that even as children, we can relate to other creatures such as dogs and receive all the love they have to give us. Eisleigh and Clyde the pitbull are a perfect example of this. The two were born around the same time, and even as babies, they took a liking to each other. Today, they’re still best friends, and the pictures below of the two growing up together are truly heartwarming.

As soon as they met, Eisleigh and Clyde became best friends.



Neither baby nor puppy ever wanted to be apart, even when they were sleeping.



This little video is incredibly cute. You can really see how happy little Eisleigh gets when Clyde climbs up to her.

As the two friends grew steadily bigger, they continued to be best friends.



They’ve stuck together through thick and thin.




What great company to grow up with!



Today, Eisleigh and Clyde are still inseparable and they continue to grow and learn new things every day.

All images are from Instagram user Brandileigh080

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