Gorilla learns a unique way of walking – now watch when he’s caught on camera

A gorilla at a wildlife park in Kent, England will soon celebrate his 27th birthday. But that’s not what has people around the world cheering.

The large and stately gorilla has mastered a new trick and reduced the difference between gorillas and their closest cousins: he’s learned to walk just like us!

After spending decades at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, a silverback gorilla Ambam has picked up the distinctive walk of the park’s zookeepers and visitors.

Ambam has learned to walk like a human instead of going on all fours like other gorillas. When he stands up, Ambam is about six feet tall, about as tall as a human. But when it comes to weight, Ambam surpasses his human cousins. The majestic gorilla weighs in at about 475 pounds (215 kg).

Ambam’s new swagger has meant that the number of visitors to the park has risen dramatically. Watch this video to see Ambam in action:

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