He drags a shark onto the beach - but then the camera reveals the reason

He drags a shark onto the beach – but then the camera reveals the reason

No matter how you feel about sharks, they’re incredible animals—and have been on our planet for more than 400 million years.

Today, many shark species are threatened by the fishing industry, and especially by fisherman hunting for shark fins that will end up in soup.

But there’s also another threat to the world’s 400 or so shark species: old fishing nets and fishing lines floating around in the ocean.

Sharks get caught in them and drown.

This is exactly what happened in Florida on February 9th this year. Three friends were on Jensen Beach when they saw a shark that looked like it was swimming toward the shore.

But they quickly discovered that something was wrong. The shark was caught in a fishing line, could barely swim, and was drowning.

One of the guys rushed into the ocean and managed to catch the shark barehanded.

His friend filmed everything and the video shows him dragging the shark—which fought him every step of the way—on the beach.

But when the guy gets the shark on the beach, you can see what’s really going on. The shark had a fishing line caught in its mouth, which prevented it from moving freely.

The guy managed to cut the fishing line and free the shark. Then he dragged the shark back into water, where it quickly swam away.

What an incredible video! It’s not often someone gets this close to a shark…

The shark must have been a Blacktip shark, an endangered species.

I don’t know if I would have dared do what these guys did… But I salute them for it! No animal should die because of the recklessness of us humans. Share if you agree!

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