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He Meets A Cougar In The Woods. Now Keep Your Eye On Its Right Paw. How Lucky He Saw This!

A few months ago, Mark Ekins received a call about a wild cougar caught in a trap in a Utah forest. He headed straight there and took his camera with him to catch the big cat on film. But Mark had no idea what he’d actually see.



Mark had seen a few big cats up close before, so he knew it would be a challenge to save this one. The cougar was terrified and didn’t understand that Mark and his team wished him well.

Working with a helper, Mark finally managed to get rid of the terrible trap. Luckily, the cougar only received superficial wounds on the paw that it got stuck in the trap.

I really don’t understand what people who put out this kind of horrific trap are thinking. But I’m glad that there are also people like Mark in this world, too!

Watch the video, including the moment when the cougar finally gets its freedom again here:

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