He Protects His Sister Till The End. But When He Understands The Man Wants To Help, Everything Changes.

Cola and Pepsi lived alone in a sewer below a California highway. No one knows how they got there, or how long they’d been there. But animal welfare organization Hope For Paws decided to step in and try to rescue the pups, who were not so trusting of humans, at first… Despite looking like they could bite, these vulnerable animals just really needed a hand.

To get to the dogs, staff were forced to crawl through a narrow passage way in complete darkness.



Cola and Pepsi were terrified when one of the staff approached them. But the man crouched and kept a low stance, in order to not appear threatening (useful when approaching fearsome animals that could potentially attack you).

The male puppy retreated and amazingly began to protect his sister by placing himself in front of her.



The organization’s staff moved very slowly and carefully towards the pups, using some food to try to gain their trust. I thought the man’s behavior was so admirable. He was so patient, and constantly trying to reassure and calm the fearful pets.

Slowly but surely, the siblings began to slowly trust the gentle man. He seemed to restore their confidence in humans again. Amazing.



Eventually, Coke and Pepsi were successfully removed from the dark, wet sewers. The dogs can now expect a hefty makeover, and lots of food, of course. As soon as the dogs are strong enough, they will be put for adoption. With such adorable faces, I’m confident they’ll find themselves new loving homes.



The video below shows the wonderful rescue. This moving story taught me a valuable lesson about trust and humanity: it’s never too late for it to be restored.

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