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He Sees Two Wild Horses On The Other Side Of The River, But Keep An Eye On The Forest In Back. Wow!

In an increasingly stressful world where so many of us live in cities, it is sometimes easy to forget how incredibly beautiful and peaceful nature and wild animals can be. Here, a lucky person had the incredible opportunity to cross wild horses. Better yet, he managed to film them for several minutes. Watch the beautiful video below: it’s like a fairy tale, and could take the breath out of anyone.

Many of us never have the chance to see animals in their natural environment.

I’m lucky to live in a country where as a child living a bit out in the countryside, I was lucky enough to encounter moose, deer and hares every now and then. I have also twice seen bears, that experience freezing me with mixed emotions. At the end of the day, what’s certain is that it feels magical to meet wild animals in their natural habitat.

But never have I encountered wild horses.

A person out in Carova Beach, North Carolina, USA, however, had better luck than me. One pleasant afternoon out in the sun, he saw a whole herd of wild horses. At first, they were just a fews – but gradually more and more appeared. He was careful not to make any sudden movements or loud noise in order to film them for several minutes.


Skärmavbild 2016-01-20 kl. 10.58.52 (2)

Despite the fact that I am not a totally crazy horse fan, these majestic animals simply took my breath away. Watching these creatures took me to a far away fairy-tale land, away from urban, city stress. I hope it has the same impact on you!

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