He Threw Himself Into An Oil Spilled River To Rescue Kittens. Now His Heroic Act Is Going Viral.

There are many heroes out there who would do anything to help animals. Here’s such a story. It involves two kittens, who desperately needed help, and one particular hero, who luckily happened to be walking by.

A broken pipe led to a major oil spill in a river in Nefteyugansk, Russia.

Anatoly Tuptey was investigating the leak when he suddenly heard tiny cries from the water. He hurried over to see where they were coming from.

That’s when he discovered two tiny kittens desperate fighting for their lives in the heavy, oil filled water.

Anatoly didn’t hesitate for a second. He immediately made his way into the murky water to rescue them.



He managed to bring both up, wrapping them in his own t-shirt to keep them warm. Then he carried them home to his house to wash them.



When they were clean and dry, they met his dog.



The whole gang immediately became good friends.



The kittens are safe now, and I hate to think about what could have happened if Anatoly had not heard their calls from the water, nor been so brave!

It’s difficult to know how they ended up there in the first place, or where their mother was at the time.

Fortunately, they’re now healthy and feeding themselves, and getting along just fabulously with their new family 🙂



News of the little kittens’ rescue has now been covered by several media around the world, and thousands are celebrating Anatoly’s act. And I completely understand why 🙂

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