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Heroes find dog in garbage can – but then they see that she’s not alone

One of the worst things a person could do is abandon their cat or dog.

And I’ll never understand why some people don’t understand this. I mean, isn’t it obvious that if you adopt a dog, you should take responsibility for it and find it a new home if you can no longer take care of it?

Thankfully though, there are also some heroes out there like the team at Hope for Paws. This fine organization does everything in its power to find homeless dogs new loving homes.

Scroll down to read about just one of their amazing rescues. There’s so much love in this story and it makes me so grateful that it has a happy ending!

Hope for Paws received a call about a homeowner who had sold her home and left her dog on the property without even looking back.

So the animal advocates decided to go and see if they could help.

And when they arrived at the site, they heard whimpering from a trash can.

Bildkälla: Youtube

As they approached, the Hope for Paws team saw that the trash can had become a home. But it was also clear that there was more than one dog living there—a mother and a lone baby.

Unfortunately, the puppy was the only one of his litter mates to survive.

Bildkälla: Youtube

Hope for Paws slowly approached the two dogs and fortunately managed to gain their trust. Because who knows what would have happen if the dogs ran off?

Bildkälla: Youtube

After bringing the dogs in for a medical examination, Hope for Paws gave them all the love and care they needed before they were finally adopted.

Bildkälla: Youtube

Check out a wonderful video of the double rescue here:

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