His Friend Deceived Him And Stole His Dog. Now Watch When They Reunite 2 Years Later.

It’s often said that dogs are a man’s best friend—and Chaos is certainly a testament to that. Although it had been two long years since the dog had seen his owner, it’s adorably clear to me that Chaos recognized him. What a wonderful reunion!

Two years ago, Jose was going through a very difficult time. He got divorced, lost his home, and became homeless. He was forced to stay in his car. But still, he had a friend he could trust—his best friend, Chaos.

“Chaos helped me through so much in my life. I took him everywhere with me,” Says Jose, who took care of Chaos since he was a puppy.

But Jose soon realized that it wouldn’t be good for Chaos to stay in his car for too long. He decided to find a pet sitter who could take care of the dog until he was back on its feet. And a friend of a friend offered to take care of the dog.

Three months later, Jose’s life was back in order and he was ready to take his beloved companion back. But then he faced the unthinkable. The person who had been caring for Chaos refused to give him back and said the dog was his now. Jose was heartbroken and thought he’d lost his dog forever.

But then two years later, Jose’s fortune changed.

One day in late April, Chaos was found abandoned on the street in South Beloit, Illinois. He was admitted to a shelter, and the search for his owner began. And after checking Chaos’ collar, the shelter staff found an ID number.

That same day, Jose got an email from the company in charge of microchips on dogs. It was time to update the information on the Chaos’ chip. The email was a painful reminder of the beloved dog Jose hadn’t seen in two years. Feeling heartbroken and nostalgic, Jose started scrolling through old pictures of Chaos that he had on his computer. Then, the phone rang…

The shelter had found a phone number that was linked to the lost dog’s ID number. When they called, Jose answered. Staff at the Winnebago County Animal Services informed him that they had found his dog, which brought Jose to tears.

“I was speechless and I couldn’t stop smiling. I just couldn’t believe it.”

The next morning, Jose took the hour and a half journey to the shelter. And when the shelter opened that morning, Jose was in the parking lot, ready to be reunited with Chaos.

At first, Chaos seems a little puzzled—he hasn’t seen his dad for two years. But when Jose stretches out his hand and Chaos smells him, it’s like all the memories come back at once. Check out the beautiful reunion here:

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