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Homesick Sheepdog Returns Home After 12-Day 240-Mile Journey.

They say there’s no place like home, and after hearing this story, I think it’s especially true for dogs. Recently, 4-year-old sheepdog Pero was taken from his home in Mid Wales and sent to work on a farm more than 240 miles to the north. But Pero apparently couldn’t stop thinking about home, because when opportunity struck, the sheepdog made a remarkable journey that shocked people around the world, and especially his original owners.

4-year-old Pero is one of 15 sheepdogs on Alan and Shan James’ farm. But the couple gave him to a farmer 240 miles to the north in Cumbria to see how he would work there.

Shan James explained: “We have a lot of dogs and a friend knew the farmer in Cockermouth was looking for a dog that could round sheep and follow a quad bike. We thought Pero would be ideal for the job. We let him go on a trial at the beginning of March.”

Image Source: Wales News Service

homesick dog 1

Pero’s trial didn’t last long. One day while out herding sheep, the pup bolted and was nowhere to be seen. Surely, they expected him to turn up somewhere, but no one could have predicted where.

Only 12 days later, the homesick dog sitting on the James’ doorstep after making an incredible 240-mile journey.

Farmer Shan James explained how it felt to see the dog back home again: “Last Wednesday evening my husband Alan went out to check on the animals after supper and there was Pero on our doorstep. It was a bit of a shock, and the dog was going crazy after seeing Alan.”

Her husband, Alan, was baffled by how the dog found its way home: “A sheepdog can go all day and cover a lot of ground. But it is a mystery how he found his way here. We don’t know how he was fed or if he hitched a lift. But it was incredible when he turned up on a doorstep. We would love to solve the mystery of how he managed it.”

Image Source: Wales News Service

homesick dog 2

But one mystery that has been solved is where Pero will live out his days. After seeing the pup’s incredible loyalty, the James decided to take him back for good.

Image Source: Wales News Service

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