Hoover The Tiger Released After Having Been Trapped In The Circus His Whole Life.

For many, going to the circus is associated with pleasure. There are entertainers, acrobats, clowns, and magicians… But unfortunately, too many circuses still contain animals. They’re held against their will, tortured until they learn tricks perfectly, and then forced to perform day after day, all while being deprived of life in their natural environment. Thankfully, people are waking up to this and many NGOs are working to free circus animals. A tiger named Hoover spent many years at a circus in Peru. Although Peru has laws banning wild animals in circuses, Hoover was still kept in a small cage and whipped. The wonderful people at Animal Defenders International (ADI) received an anonymous tip about Hoover’s miserable situation and decided to act. After a long preparation, ADI decided to break into a zoo where Hoover was temporarily being held and rescue him. The big cat was once one of 12 tigers at the circus, but he was the only one to survived. After ADI rescued him, Hoover was transported to a large animal sanctuary in Florida, where he is enjoying a much freer and better life. Learn more about his story in the video below!

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