House cat stands up to wild mountain lion after it sneaks into their backyard

There’s a significant distinction between wild and tame animals and that’s why they live in completely different environments. Now and then, however, these two may exceptionally come face to face with each other.

House cats are tamed felines — genetically related to their wild counterparts, such as lions, cougars, and tigers.

But what happens when an ordinary house cat comes face to face with a wild cousin, such as a mountain lion? One family got to witness the extraordinary scene for themselves after a mountain lion snuck into their backyard one day…

A family was spending a regular day at home, when they received a very unexpected visit: a mountain lion strayed from its natural habitat around their area and ended up in their backyard.


‘Luckily’, the family have little to worry about: their pet cat is apparently up for the challenge of defending their household!

Watch the cat and mountain lion’s incredible interaction in the video below — which has been viewed no fewer than a whopping 11 million times on YouTube alone!

Wasn’t it incredible to witness these two cousins meet? I was really impressed with this cat’s curiosity and fearlessness facing its much bigger, wilder counterpart. Share with your family and friends if this blew you away, too.