Husky is born without paws – three years on she’s the world’s happiest dog

Siberian husky Maya was special from birth. Like every other husky puppy, she was unbearably cute. But she was missing an important part of her body – paws.

This made walking an impossible task for the little pup, also causing her to have problems with her hips.

She couldn’t stand for more than a few moments, and it looked like life was going to be really hard for this canine.

But then, her current owner, Kit, came into her life.

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Maya was born with a problem she couldn’t help, but it was one which would make her life different from most other dogs.

Without help, she wouldn’t be able to do the things dogs normally do – run around, swim, go for walks, and anything involving being upright, basically.

But luckily, she had help.

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Her current owner, Kit, came into Maya’s life and knew that this puppy deserved a chance.

Maya was given a type of dog wheelchair which allowed her to lead an active life.

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“At that time I was looking for a puppy when I found a facebook post from a shelter that there is a puppy up for adoption. It was mentioned that she had congenital abnormalities, no paws on all four legs,” Kit told Bored Panda.

Maya got the chance to make new friends.

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Go swimming!

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And generally receive love from her caring owner

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