IKEA’s Solution To Stop People From Leaving Their Dogs In Hot Cars Is Brilliant.

It’s been repeated over and over again: Never leave your dog in a hot car. A lot of incidents occur every year and we must find a solution to this problem. Now, the Swedish home furnishing giant Ikea is trying to find a solution. Recently, they have opened a department solely for dogs.  

This department is placed at Ikea in Germany. It’s a secluded corner where customers can leave their four-legged friends. The dogs get their own bed that is made out of artificial grass and the spot is placed in a place where its cool. They have fresh water to drink and it’s a safe place where they can be attached with a leash.

According to Ikea, this is a solution they’re trying to stop people from leaving their dogs in hot cars.

The first place where this has become a reality is Cologne, Germany, and the initiative from the Swedish furnishing giant is highly praised on Facebook and Twitter after the picture below was published.

I think this seems to be a brilliant idea, and I hope we can see this in every country as soon as possible. If you agree with me, please share. Together we can make this happen.

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