Incredible images: camera captures a tiger birth up close

Incredible images: camera captures a tiger birth up close

First of all, let me just say that I believe that all wild animals are created to live in freedom, and that it’s always best to keep them out in their natural habitats. This said, I still couldn’t help but share this clip with you, as it reflects just how amazing nature is.

Tigers usually give birth to their babies privately, secluding themselves prior to the delivery. Witnessing a tiger birth is therefore extremely rare – and undoubtedly special. The incredible video below is testament to that.

Zookeeper Giles Clark had the privilege of being present as a momma tiger prepred to deliver her twins. Meanwhile, another zoo employee captured it all on camera. When the first newborn is delivered, the surrounding group of people cheer- but they are silent again when they realize that something is dreadfully wrong – the baby tiger isn’t breathing properly.

Thankfully, after what was about two minutes but felt like eternity, the baby tiger breathes. But the drama isn’t over yet – baby two is also on the way…

Watch the whole incredible process for yourself below.

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