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Incredible Litter: Momma Dog Gives Birth To 19 Puppies.

Bailee is a 4-year Boerboel, a dog breed originally from South Africa. But more importantly, Bailee, who lives in Alabama, is also a proud new mother.

When Aimee Johnson of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine looked at Bailee’s ultrasound before the dog gave birth, it appeared that the expectant mother had at least 14 puppies growing inside her tummy. But the vet had no idea exactly how many puppies were moving around in there…

“The radiograph showed at least 14 to 15 puppies, so we decided on a C-section, because a natural birth for a litter that size would be a long delivery for the mother,” said Aimee Johnson.

In the end, Bailee gave birth to 19 puppies! It was one of the biggest litters ever, but not the largest. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the biggest litter ever was 24 puppies, born in 2004 in the UK.


Unfortunately, not all of the puppies made it; two died shortly afterward. But the other 17 bundles of love were perfectly healthy and quickly grew big and strong.

In the video, you’ll see what it looks like when 17 puppies are hungry for dinner. The little creatures reach up and climb over each other to get close to their wonderful mom, Bailee.

“The litter’s doing well. They are very loving, very affectionate, and highly intelligent dogs,” said their owner, Jerry.

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