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It Looks Like A Bear Sleeping. But When The Camera Zooms Out? This Blew Me Away.

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls has, since 1986, created paper art. Through a special technique which requires extreme precision, Calvin cuts out paper to produce beautiful art that looks so realistic it feels like a greater supernatural force was involved. With Calvin being an adamant animal lover, it makes perfect sense for the artist to kill two birds with one stone and use his talent to depict wildlife. Before Calvin starts with his artwork, he studies animals carefully to understand their anatomy. When he feels that he is ready to do the animals justice, he sets his production into motion. Eventually, dozens of pieces of paper are laid out in such a way that the animals appear to alive and in motion. This is simply awesome.

It’s not a real bear, it’s just a sculpture from Calvin Nicholls… made out of paper.

Photo: Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture (Facebook)


After carefully studying animals, Calvin draws a sketch which he followed when he cut and cut out pieces of paper and put on another. The end result is fantastic.

Photo: Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture (Facebook)


The animals certainly look to be jumping out of the board. Talk about fierce, three-dimensional art.

Photo: Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture (Facebook)


The details are outstanding.

Photo: Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture (Facebook)


Some of Calvin’s artwork take a few weeks to complete, others years. Check out this fish on his drawing board.

Photo: Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture (Facebook)


Such beautiful little birds.

Photo: Calvin Nicholls Paper Sculpture (Facebook)


You can visit Calvin’s website here.

And make sure you watch how Calvin proceeds in the video below. Just incredible.

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