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Kind Man Saves A Baby Flying Squirrel’s Life… And Makes A Lifelong Friend In The Process.

Three years ago, Jeff Longo was walking down the street when he noticed a tiny baby animal on the sidewalk. He had no idea what it was, but he knew it was in rough shape. Jeff scooped it up, brought it home, and went online to find out what it was. And it turns out, it was a female southern flying squirrel. Jeff decided to call the nocturnal squirrel Biscuits. But just as pressing was finding out how to care for his struggling new friend. Fortunately, Jeff found some tips online and started bottle-feeding her a mixture of puppy formula and heavy cream. It seemed to be a good choice, as you’ll see in the pictorial below.

When Jeff found Biscuits, she was lying helpless on the hot sidewalk. It was no place for a tiny nocturnal creature only a few centimeters long!

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Jeff took the squirrel home and consulted Reddit for advice. Not many people had high hopes for Biscuits’ survival.

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But Jeff didn’t give up hope. He began bottle-feeding Biscuits a mixture of heavy cream and puppy formula.

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Biscuit’s condition slowly began to improve. Jeff took her everywhere he went, including to work, where every day became “Take Your Squirrel To Work Day.”

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Eventually, Biscuits opened her eyes and saw her human friend for the first time.

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Under Jeff’s care, Biscuits continued to improve by the day, and the two developed a special bond rooted in Jeff’s loving care for her.

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Because she’s been raised by a human, Biscuits can never return to the wild. But she doesn’t seem to mind. “She runs around me like I’m a big tree, then jumps on things and then jumps back,” Jeff says.

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The domesticated life has it’s benefits—like this skateboard…

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16 - R8fsdt6

And this adorable hammock.

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But the biggest benefit has to be living with this guy!

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As for Jeff, he has no regrets. “I’m stuck with the little fluffball,” Jeff says.

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