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Kitten Saved From Certain Death Thanks To Fast-Acting Animal Lover.

This woman is a true animal lover! She saw a poor kitten lying lifeless by a building. She thought he might have already left this world, but still, she took a closer look.

What she saw shocked her—and she immediately knew what needed to be done. The kitten was breathing, but he was in bad shape. He couldn’t move and seemed to be in a lot of pain. The woman took him directly to a vet, who then X-rayed him. And it turned out that the little cutie had been fallen from a rooftop.

On his first day of recovery, the kitten couldn’t even lift his head and had to be spoonfed. But thanks to the love and care of his new friend, he was be able to recover. The kitten’s owner named him Lazarus, and with all the love she gave him got, Lazurus made an incredible comeback!

Check out Lazarus’ wonderful transformation in the clip below.

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