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Labrador is about to drown – now watch the other dog become a hero

Accidents happen, and when they do, a hero can change a near catastrophe into a moment of joy and gratitude.

And even though movie heroes are often almost superhuman, real heroes come in all sizes and shapes—and even species. Like the one who recently saved a black Labrador from being swept away and drowned in a raging river…

The sun was shining, and the owners of a black lab brought their dog to a river to cool off.

They were playing fetch when the accident occurred. The Lab ran into rushing water to catch stick and lost his footing in the process, falling headlong into the rapids.

But before his owners could react, a different kind of hero stepped in… the Labrador’s four-legged friend!

Acting on pure instinct, the smart pooch waited calmly while his friend floated downstream. Then when he was in reach, he caught hold of the other end of the Lab’s stick and pulled his pal to safety. Amazing!

Watch the incredible rescue here:

I don’t know what the owners were thinking throwing the stick where they did. But luckily, everything turned out okay thanks to the quick-witted doggy!

This really shows how smart dogs are. Share if you agree!

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