Linda saved his life – 18 years later, she ignores the warnings and the unimaginable happens

When Linda Koeb returned to the animal reserve, she wasn’t sure her old friends would recognize her.

After all, it had been 18 years since she released Swing and Doll into the wild.

Linda met the two chimpanzees when she was a 23-year-old student.

Swing and Doll had been just been been released from a lab, where they were subjected to countless tests.

Linda spent the next four years rehabilitating them. But one day, the two chimpanzees were ready for their new life on the reserve.

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After spending so many years in captivity, it was difficult for Swing and Doll to get used to their new climate.

Linda was worried they wouldn’t be able to handle such a big change.

She remembers watching the chimpanzees as they were released into the reserve. Because Swing and Doll had spent six years at the laboratory, Linda was nervous.

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But with the help of Linda’s love and care, Swing and Doll slowly adapted to a happy life in their new environment.

Eighteen years later, Linda came back to see the friends she spent four years caring for.

In the video, Linda walks over to the chimpanzees, unsure whether they’ll recognize her.

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The animal breeders weren’t sure it was safe to let Linda visit Swing and Doll. Chimpanzees are powerful animals and can be aggressive.

But after seeing this reunion, no one can deny that these animals also have incredibly strong feelings and memories…

Check out the wonderful reunion here:

Although they had been separated for 18 years and hadn’t had any contact, Swing and Doll’s bond with Linda is clearly unbreakable.

Studies show that chimpanzees understand more than we think. And not unlike us, they kiss, hug, shake hands, and clench their fists.

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