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Loyal Dog Stands Guard After Owner Passes Out.

If ever there were a video that showed how devoted dogs are to their owners, this touching video is it. When the man in the video passed out in the middle of a busy street in Guizhou, China, he was lucky to his loyal dog by his side. The pup, clearly concerned for his owner’s safety, stood guard over his unconscious owner. And as you’ll see, whenever anyone got close to his unconscious owner, the tiny pup bravely barked and growled. In fact, the well-intentioned pup even tried to keep police and rescuer workers away. But once it was clear that they were taking his owner away in an ambulance, the dog dropped his guard. Realizing he might lose his best friend, the little dog ran in circles, stopping only to look up to get a look at his owner. Then, just before the EMTs were about to close the doors, they signalled for the dog to get in. And with his loyal dog protecting him, I’m sure the man’s trip was a safe one. Watch the adorable video below!  

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